store design for Flaconi - 2017

event design for Berlin Travel Festival - 2017

trade show design for Design Hotels at the ITB fair - 2013, 2015, 2016

interior design for Audemars Piguet office and showroom - 2014

event furniture for the Design Hotels Arena - 2015, 2016

product design of the JUNO paperlamps for Earth Friendly - 2011

furniture design for the Design Hotels Papaya Playa Project in Tulum - 2011

furniture design MATROSHKA - 2012

exhibition kit for Design Hotels - 2013

product design of popsicles and production equipment for Kyl21 2011-2015

trade show design for Eduard Dressler at the Bread-and-Butter - 2014

office furniture for Design Hotels and Dan Pearlman

interior design for eve-images 2013 - renderings made by eve-images

packaging design for MyKita, Earth Friendly and TSK/Kyl21


product design for artefakt 2008-2011 - renderings made by artefakt